Boon Frog Pod is designed for moms to easily scoop up and store all the bath accessories in one place. The adhesive strips allow the base to be easily mounted to the wall thus making the storage scoop removable as well. This bath toy storage scoop is easy to clean with warm water and mild soap. Air holes allow bath toys to dry so that mold and mildew build-up is reduced.

Frog Pod Boon

  • Mounting Instructions

    Select a mounting location on the lower portion of the wall. Leave a minimum of 10in. Between the bottom of the bracket and any edge or raised surface of the bathtub. Thoroughly clean dirt and residue from mounting area. Be certain that you clean the entire area where the adhesive strips will be attached. Next, vigorously wipe area with rubbing alcohol using a clean cloth. Let dry fully for at least 10 minutes. Remove backing from all adhesive strips. Do not touch adhesive. Hold bracket by its edges only. Make sure hook is in the upward position and level. Place bracket onto the cleaned area for mounting and be certain that all adhesive strips are pressed firmly against the wall. Press firmly for 30 seconds. Allow bracket to remain in place for at least 24 hours before attaching the base. It is important to maintain a room temperature of 70°f or above throughout the entire 24 hour period. Also, avoid moisture and the use of cleaning chemicals near the wall bracket during the 24 hour period. To attach base to bracket, fit slot over bracket hook and snap down into place. Removing the adhesive strip bracket to remove the adhesive strip bracket, use a flat object, such as a screwdriver or a butter knife (covered with a soft cloth to avoid scratching the wall surface) to pry up one of the adhesive strips. After loosening the first strip, rotate the bracket to release the remaining strips. Any adhesive residue remaining on the wall can be pulled off easily. Using the scoop to attach the scoop to the base, simply fit slot over hook and hang in place. To remove scoop, lift up then off the hook.

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