DON'T LET SNACKS ATTACK. Snacks just might be the best invention ever-until an exuberant toddler flings a humongous container of them skyward. But thanks to SNUG SNACK it will never rain goldfish again. These handy dandy silicone lids turn cups into spill-proof snack fortresses. SNUG SNACK comes with two stackable containers and fit cups with a 3.25-4 inch diameter. More munch, less mess.

  • EASY TRANSITION: This Snug silicone lid turn the cup into a snack container
  • SPILL PROOF DESIGN: Prevents spillage and helps to keep the baby food inside the cup
  • ADJUSTABLE LID: Stretches over most cup sizes upto 3.25- 4 inches diameter
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Flexible cup lid and storage containers are easy to use and dishwasher safe
  • EASY STORAGE: Comes with 2 stackable containers and lids to store food easily and securely

Snug Snack Boon


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